If I sell shares on ex-bonus date and record date is T+2 days, still can I get bonus shares?

specifically, about Balkrishna Ind had 21-Dec-2017 ex-bonus date and 23-Dec-2017 as record date for 1:! bonus.

I sold shares on ex-bonus date, do I still get bonus shares?

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If you sell shares on ex-date, you will still be eligible for the bonus shares.

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But the record date is 2 days ahead. If a person sells the shares on ex bonus date then aren’t they delivered to the buyer on T+ 2 ?
Means on record date, the demat account is not having the shares as they have been sold out.
Then how is a person still eligible to receive bonus?

The record date is always the day after the ex-date, so shares will still reflect in Demat.

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In this specific case,21-Dec was Thursday and 23 -Dec is Saturday, being Saturday, T +2 may not work here. Buyer may get shares in his demat account on Tuesday/ 26-Dec.
Hence, seller should get bonus shares. Isn’t it?

Moreover, ex -bonus date means excluding bonus benefit on the day for buyer.

This is what I assume.

I don’t think that you would be eligible. In this case, you might be eligible for bonus, but in general you won’t be if record date is not a holiday. See it like who is having the shares on ex-bonus date. As you have sold it, you are not eligible rather the person(some where on the earth :wink: ) who has bought it from you will be the eligible person. This is the same reason why record date is T+2 days because by then the delivery also happens ,i.e., your demat is debited and the other’s credited.
Not sure for this case, as record date happens to fall on a Saturday. If we consider ex-bonus date, you are not eligible as you have sold off but if we consider record date, you are most probably eligible as delivery may not have happened by then.
Request you to update here and complete that piece of information too.

some more information to add here.
Since Balkrishna Ind had ex-bonus date 21-Dec-2017, the prices got adjusted on 21-Dec to half of the price than previous day.
The shares were sold on ex-bonus date with half price than previous, gives full chance / eligible to get bonus shares.
Let see, what are the opinions or else by 05th Jan, all this should clear otherwise.

Finally, got the bonus shares. Thanks for good discussion.

To add an experience, though it happened through well known and old brokerage firm, they had negative and wrong response over telephone enquiry and no response to emails yet.
At the same time, I called to Zerodha over phone being account holder, Zerodha responded on the same call without any hesitation, that I am eligible to get bonus shares and I must get it. Thanks Zerodha, Great response all the time.