If i transact in bracket order (buy), how will the system interpret my 2 sell orders?

I am having this doubt only because when I today put my first trade in zerodha pi as bracket order buy and when i mentioned the 2 sell orders (one being target px and one being stop px), the system had fragmented these 2 orders in 6 different orders with 6 different exchange order ids. However, my thinking is that it is only one single order for sell, then if exchange order ids are different, will i get charged for every fragment. I think this should not be the case. so have a doubt on what brokerage would be incurred.

hElLO tRaDeR,


hi, from the answer that you have given link of, it says something very disturbing. are you saying that no matter it is just one single sell order, the number of fragments it took to fill the order would all be counted as individual orders? if this is so, then there is something really bad about zerodha. is it?