If Trading is an Art, How you classify a good painting?

On a lighter note can technical analysis be an art itself and if yes how this painting looks like to you?

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I like symmetry appearing on charts. In trades where you can sell the top, buy it back at the bottom, then buy at the bottom and sell it at the next top. That’s very arty man. Rare though.


When we talk about patterns , lines , waves , it’s all more about art then science but less people use it that way the point here is if it is indeed an art there is no Limits of imagination and the way one thinks about a certain pattern important thing is to believe in your art and keep going :surfing_man: :surfing_man: & this is all about the technical analysis rest major game is risk management only :+1:

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Well said. I totally agree with your words!!!

If trading is gambling… what is gambling?

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Gambling is betting against odds, trading is betting with an edge where large sample size ensures you will win in a long run