If trading is just a set of rules and strategies, why most educated people lose money here?

When we were in school there were a set of rules for our self development, either we didn’t followed them,ignored them or just simply broke the rules and we didn’t develop ourselves…

The same thing applies here in the financial markets.

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In Education same syllabus and same teachers but each student perform differently. Sometimes students suffer health issues during exams. They may score less. Some students may not be able to attend exams due to floods. Sometimes there may be wrong questions. For example if one has sold shares by mistake instead of buying.

During Brexit like events people take different views and bet. There may major fire accident in the factory which would result in production issues that will create panic and stock price will fall.

see one example below how big the loss would be. This star lost 52 Croes in October. Trading in Bank Nifty Put Options.


including me, we some times fail to maintain the decipline and sticking to plan.

i refer a link…oohoo…Huge loss…!