If Warren Buffett do intraday trades everyday, will he succeed like he is today?

its like if the god cant do it how a mere creep can do it lel. give ur views

it will be great help for intraday traders.


Will he be doing intraday trades using 1-2 lots, or, placing MIS order, just like you ? :v :v

Point is, who can do intraday trades with $1B++++ capital.

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Hello Trader,

Yes . He will.

With his type of LUCK, he could be sitting idle somewhere in the desert and still raining cash.

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Below statement made by Warren Buffett. Now please understand 50% in a year, so one is doubling money in less than 2 years. You just have to find your strengths and play that. I had tried day trading, however after a loss for few months I realized its not my cup of tea. Now I only do option selling (more than 15% out-of-money), targeting to let it expire. So I have entire month on my side.

Do what works best for you.

This Buffett comment at that shareholder meeting was prompted by a previous comment (now somewhat famous) that Buffett made in a Businessweek interview in 1999:

“If I was running $1 million today, or $10 million for that matter, I’d be fully invested. Anyone who says that size does not hurt investment performance is selling. The highest rates of return I’ve ever achieved were in the 1950s. I killed the Dow. You ought to see the numbers. But I was investing peanuts then. It’s a huge structural advantage not to have a lot of money. I think I could make you 50% a year on $1 million. No, I know I could. I guarantee that.”


He may or he may not… all depends on his descipline and consistently strong trading systme and consistency in following the same…

He may be successful or may be not in intraday trades but one thing is certain that he would not be as rich as he is now.

There is a vast difference between investors and traders. Day traders and long term investors. I don’t think so he will be that much successful or may be washed out, it totally depends on his trading style and plan and which method suits him better. So he may be a failure in day trading.


INTRADAY traders & Long term investors need to follow different strategies to be successful.

INTRADAY traders need to completely stick to market latest updates, announcements, any Govt policies which effect trade, while Long term investors need to consider about P/E, Company debt & Brand value.

So i believe he may be successful if he follow his own strategies.

nice question there buddy … i am about to read answers now.

lel he invested 1000$ in his early days but if he would have done intraday with it though facility was not there.will he be successful lel

Gods! You still believe there is a luck factor to make money through the markets? :smiley: :smiley:

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This is one subject, not relevant when a trader is in a winning streak. but addressed only during the journey to the south.