If zerodha(demat) account can be opened online why not nomination declaration?

I recently noticed a problem with the new online accounts opened for my brother, wife and a friends. All of them do not have a nominee.

While we have completely automated online account opening process, why does the nomination process require us to seperately fill and sign a form and send it via courier. Can this be handled in a better way Please @nithin.

I have read through the “Procedure for transmission of shares and funds upon the death of an account holder at Zerodha” and it seems to be very very tedious even for a well educated member of my family to get the funds transferrred if nominee is not present.

I am pretty sure most recent 75% online accounts holders do not have a nominee and most of the account holders aren’t even aware of this or do not know that they can declare a nominee for thier demat account.

Zerodha should find an easy way to let the existing account holders declare a nominee without having people to courier a manually filled form. If possible run a drive to make people aware to declare a nominee. Also, I think everyone should be asked to submit atleast one nominee during the account opening process itself. Is this possible to implement ?

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In fact it should’ve been an option in their app to add nominee. May be they can charge a sum, as they are aready doing , in case if someone wants to change their nominee. But adding it first time should be free and easy. When I registered with Zerodha they had asked me to courier the documents initially but I did not sent any. I left that as it is and later after few months I got notified that my account is active. I believe by that time they had made that process online and they onboarded my account too.
So this one should also be easy and made an online process in stead of doing all this manual work.

There was a regulatory hurdle that prevented brokers from accepting account nominee forms online. I found this mentioned in a tweet -

Also found a similar thing mentioned in another broker’s website -

But now things have changed (likely due to the pandemic) and adding account nominee online has been allowed as I saw the following tweet recently -

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Thanks @Prayag for finding these tweet’s.
It’s great that online method to add a nominee is being worked on … Intially I thought that the process was left out from the online process for some other reason, but now it’s clear it was a regualtory hurdle.

I have added a comment on the tweet to get an estimate timeline for this feature(online nominations) to go live

It would be great to know what’s the timeline for this feature to get live, from zerodha support folks.


we’re working on an online method to add a nominee to your account.

Can nominee be added online now?

We’re working on making this process online.

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When will adding nominee online be active?

If Nominee is not added, who gets control of the shares in the Demat?