I'm unable to sell my OSIAHYPER shares

please help me to sell my OSIAHYPER holdings. It shows while exiting that “Market & Intraday trading are restricted”.

Hi @patelsunnyp

Intraday trading is restricted in BE series stocks as they come under the trade-to-trade category of stocks. Use limit order to exit these stocks are the spreads between buy and sell order are usually high in such stocks

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Can you guide me step by step how to exit?

The stock is at lower circuit currently. Once stock comes out of it, you can exit the stock normally like any other stock placing a limit sell order.

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Same Problem here since last 5 days. Daily I use to give limit sale order. All ways I tried .but at 9.12 am to 9.15 am price touched below 5% at LC.At day end my order use to be cancelled

Is the promoters playing some game. Zerodha should look into.

Thanks for your guidance :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

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