Impact of expense and stoploss in backtest of strategy

In intraday strategies how much percentage do you usually add as expense in backtest? By expense I mean brokerage+government charges+impact cost… What should be the logical values to be added as penalty in backtest for margin of safety? Also in live trading what is the impact of trailing stop loss. If I am not able to measure impact of trailing stop loss in my back test environment, should I add some positive percentage as a favorable impact of trailing stop loss?

@Streak Can you.

Hi @kiranf

When you turn the brokerage toggle on, all the expenses per trade is calculated per entry/exit price as per
Of course DP charges cannot be inluded

upto the user and depends of the instrument being traded. For options, a 3% slippage cost is sensible, but ofcourse there is no hard and fast rules for any of these.

Not required since the effect TSL will only improve your P/L, there is no downside risk to not having input TSL effect. But again its upto the user.

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