Important websites to follow

Dear All,

Important Websites, Twitter handles, etc. to follow for NSE, BSE. Where can we get chart percentage volume up, down top performers? With latest stock news, heat map, etc. related to market without much noise.

But I would like to hear from others too. Because switching from one website to different websites, handles takes a lot of time. Thanks.

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Important website and Twitter that must follow for traders and investors

  1. Moneycontrol
  2. Economictimes
  3. BloombergQuint

Twitter handles:


All of these are going to give non sense information only

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So, is there any sensible site?

Haha… Kaushik… I was just kidding.

What I meant was these news portals give generic news and they keep report multiple sides of it. If you are a fan of business news you can follow. However from a day trader perspective these portal plays little role.

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Dear @Sreeram_Ganeshan1 , as a day trader, what sites do you follow?

If you are into trading is invaluable.
It might look like an outdated website, but the looks hardly matter if you want to make money.

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I follow nothing

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No you need to keep reading, remember trading is not a one day event.
All fundamental or Quant or Technicals have been built over time. So first you need to learn the patterns for your brain or code to detect. So keep reading all these sites/links etc.

For short term, you might end up depending on tips like news channel etc but then risk is higher, so be careful.


My motto is to get clear-cut data without noise. Not trade or invest based on news.

I am following these daily

Hope these will help you.
These are just for news.


For that you have to start your own media only :grin:

Now, I’m looking for Investors. :rofl:

Please also suggest website for heat map - gainers & losers.


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SGXNIFTY before opening of market.

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Thanks a lot bro!

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I follow price , at 9.15 there is gap uo or down sharply, i look for news causing this, else no news, good profit

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