In equity SIP (systematic investment plan) scheme at what time the broker will buy the stock on SIP execution date?

At what time the broker will buy shares, when the SIP prespecified execution date comes i.e in the morning or evening, in pre-open session or post market session or a specific time or any time he finds suitable.

Please tell the exact time of SIP execution on SIP execution date.

If you are talking about SIP in mutual funds, it is usually the closing price of the NAV at which you get to buy.

searching through internet, came to know some brokerages like Geogit securities have the buying time of around 11.00 to 11.30 am. And the orders are Market orders.

i guess the purchase time varies from broker to broker.

I have bought some equity SIP, and I have noticed that they are being bought by broker at random timings.
So there is no specific time.

Thanks for the answer but I am asking about SIP of equity stocks like BHEL, TATA etc. i.e individual stock SIP. These SIP are provided by some brokers.

ahh… let me check that out.

Till date I could not find any method to start Equity SIP in Zerodha Kite/Pi. Hopefully they will start in Kite 3.0 because this is a basic thing of any trading platform.