In India, which market has a better pull, is it the Futures or the Options?

To find out which market in India has a better pull, first and foremost, we need to understand what we mean by Futures or Options.

Futures: Futures is when two parties sign an agreement or contract to buy or sell an asset at a certain time at a certain price in the future. This is good for those planning for the future as you can acquire a Futures position by just putting up some margin amount instead of full cash. It means buying for cash, a stock at a lower price and selling it in the future market for a higher price. Future contracts is all about playing between two markets for the similar stock on the price difference. What is this? In the case of future contracts, it is a commitment on the buyer and seller to liquidate the contract at a certain future date. They are standard exchange traded contracts.

Options: There are two types of options ‘calls’ and ‘puts’. 

Calls: The buyer has the right to purchase or sell (what??) a given amount of the said primary asset at a said price on or before a said future date.

Puts: The buyer has the right but not obliged to sell a said amount of the primary asset at a said price on or before a said date.

Future Contracts

Options Contracts

  • Buyer is obligated to honor the contract.
  • A future contract is binding on both buyer and seller to settle an asset on or before the expiry date. Requires higher margin payments than Option.
  • Preferred by speculators and arbitrageurs.
  • Unlimited profit loss potential.
  • No obligation on the buyer to actually buy or sell.
  • Contract seller has an obligation to sell/buy  an asset if the buyer exercises his/her rightthe seller  must comply with the contract.
  • Requires lower margin payment than Futures.
  • Preferred by hedger.
  • Unlimited profit. Limited loss potential.