In Kite, how do we square off Option position?

Can somebody tell me how do we square off a long call position, is there any way to square off, or i need to sell same strike call option, or will selling call will create a new position instead of squaring off my long position?

Sell same strike and same expiry call option to square off existing position. It will not create a new sell position.

All open positions in the positions tab on Kite will have an exit option on it. You can select the exit option, enter your exit details in the order window that opens up and submit it.

Alternately, as Maverick mentioned, you can add the same option to your marketwatch and exit it from there. Ensure that you are entering the same quantity and same product type as that of your position.

Thanks. I have an open long call position, now if I click exit on order book, will it execute at CMP, or will it give me an option to enter a Limit sell price ? Kindly suggest

In “Positions” section if you click on exit it will open sell order window and you can specify your order type.