In Snapquote Best Buy Quantity is double than Best Sell Qty. What is the significance of volume in terms of Bull or Bear market?

Today the market opened in negative and down with approximately 450 points. The market was very volatile and seen the upward movement and closed with the -111.55 points. .
While trading on Nifty Futures I have observed in Snapquote that the Best Buy Quantity is almost double than Best Sell Qty. As per the technical indicators signal, I have gone long and similarly market was coming up. In Snapquote the best buy qty was almost double than the sell qty. When market was coming down still the volume range was same. What is the significance of this volume?
Today’s market was very volatile but in case of normal scenario what is the significance? Based on Buy/Sell volume what decision we need to take ? Trade with going long or Short?

Hmmm.. looking at buy quantities and sell quantities in the snapquote to determine demand/supply and then taking a trading  decision is a very common strategy by retail traders. But this is not really a very smart thing to do. 

If you look at NSE pulse report,  you will see that almost 50% of all trades come through algo/programs. These mostly use IOC orders (immediate or cancel) and will never end up showing on the market depth. So buyers could be much higher  than sellers and stocks could still fall. 

When trading midcap equity, big traders usually place big pending orders far away from the current market price in opposite direction to give a false sense of demand/supply when entering exiting position. 

Buy QTY and Sell QTY

if CMP is 100 of particular share. Big traders put big pending order with 105. Is it affect the current market price ? i.e. suddenly high or low ?!