In Streak Live Scanner Which Candle The Scanner Scans

In Streak Live Scanner Which Candle The Scanner Scans, is the Current Candle Or the last Completed Candle.
Ex: if I put a scanner live for 1 Hour candle with the Frequency of 1 hour, @ 1:30 pm, after 2:16 the Scanner scans the Current Candle (Candle Forming after 2:16) or the Previous Candle which had Formed btw 1:15 to 2:15

@Streak can you.

Hi @Vivek_Naren,

If you are creating a strategy in Streak, at 2:15:XX seconds, it would send a notification on the basis of the 1:15 -2:15 candle. You will not get any notification after this because the next 1-hour candle is forming.

But with a scanner, you get a notification at the close of the candle if your alert time frame is 1 hour, same as the strategy. However, you can also get notification of the basis of the price action that happens aft 2:15:xx- 2:16:xx if your alert timeframe is 1min or you set the alert timeframe as 5 min, you will get the notification after 5 min as well.

And if you manually run a scan after 30 secs, your result will be based on the last 30 sec updated price. This will not happen with a strategy.

ok, what is the time of scanner scans for Daily Frequency. is at end of day or Next Trading Day

If you run the scan manually at 3:25 PM, you will get results based on the price action till 3:25 PM. But if you set the alert timeframe as 1 Day for Live notifications, it will wait for the close of the Daily candle i.e 3:30 PM.

So if any user has a system where he wants to check a condition at lets say 3:25-3:28 and take a position on them, they should use the manual scan instead of live notification.