In what order are the securities sold in the Zerodha application? Is it FIFO (First in First Out) or LIFO (Last In First Out)?

I was analysing my holding in Bajaj Finance and checking the “View Breakdown” option available on Zerodha’s site. Prior to checking this, I was under the impression that shares that are bought first are also the first ones to be sold out of the portfolio. I have bought BF’s shares in a staggered manner since 2020 and sold a few of them last week. Under the “View Breakdown” tab on Zerodha, I found that the old entries of the shares (from 2020 and 2021) are still there and the most recent ones have been removed (which clearly means that the shares that I bought recently were the first ones to be sold (LIFO)).

Could someone please throw some light on the aforesaid scenario? Is there any setting on Zerodha application/website that can be modified so that the securities that were bought first are also the first ones to be sold and vice versa?

Did you buy all units with Z or have you brought-in / moved-out units using off-market transfer from/to another Demat?

ideally it shouldn’t have happened if everything was bought/sold in the same a/c from day 1.

I bought all units with Zerodha. Below is the screenshot. There are no entries of the shares that I had bought in 2023 or late 2022.

Hi @Dhananjay12, when you sell shares from holdings, we follow First In First Out mode only. You can create a ticket at with more details. Our team will have this clarified.