Income tax Compliance High Value Transactions


Today I got an email from IT dept saying High Value Transactions. I checked their portal Pending Actions- E campaign AY 2021-22. It is showing

Purchase of Securities and Units of Mutual Fund (SFT 017 Pur) Count-1,Total Purchase Amount 10117165
Sale of Securities and Units of Mutual Fund (SFT 17 LES M), Count-21, Total Purchase Amount 9971116

Both information source is CDSL.
What is this actually? I trade equity and FNO. Had around 15-20 lakhs in account at that time. Should I revise my return based on this?

If you have reported all your transactions, including all profits in Intraday, F&O, STCG, LTCG, Dividends, Interest etc you don’t have to worry. If you have missed something intentionally in-order to save on taxes then you need to disclose all your income and pay tax based on that.