Income tax for capital gain and using margin

I will be becoming NRI and hence want to transfer all my shares, MFs to her name (Worth Rs. 30 Lakh). My questions are as follows.

  1. Any problem since i will be trasnferring shares, MFs worht Rs. 30 Lakh?
  2. On any capital gain , do i need to club with my income or wife has to pay income tax on capital gain when she sells MFs
  3. Wife will be pledging those shares, MFs and doing option trading. Income generated from option trading will be her income or should be clubbed with my income?
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These references should help you for your queries

Hey @sandeep0604,

Yes, you can transfer the shares to your spouse as a gift. In this case, any gains from the transferred assets will be clubbed in your hands.

Moreover, the income generated from options trading shall also be clubbed.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply. One more doubt. Since my wife is also filing itr , how to divide the actual income…like how much she has to file and how much I will have to club with my income?