Income tax refund credit problem

Has anyone faced problems in credit of income tax refund (after successful ITR processing) for AY2019-20 to a prevalidated bank account where PAN is also linked with the bank account? If so, what is the resolution process. We have already called CPC support multiple times, and also raised grievance on efiling site.

Following is (long) description of the problem. Thanks for any suggestions and help.

One of my relatives income tax refund for AY2019-20 is not getting credited to his bank account. Efiling status as part of refund failure is “PAN not linked to bank account”. He has requested for refund reissue and refund reissue by CPC/AO has also failed twice with same reason.

  1. Bank account (HDFC) is prevalidated. The status on efiling says bank account as “Validated and EVC enabled”.
  2. He has been getting refund into same account for last 3-4 years.
  3. Bank account and PAN is linked. Status on netbanking says the same and he also confirmed with the bank branch.

He called CPC multiple times and each time he was told to submit a Refund Reissue request after 3 days. He is not able to submit a new request and the error messages says existing reissue request is already pending.

In response to grievance submitted on efiling site, the resolution message suggested that the prevalidation of bank account has been invalidated (not joking). So he should validate the bank account again. There is no provision to validate a bank account again, he can remove the account, but will he be able to add the same account again?


@Quicko Can you.

Hi @nap

Based on the description, it seems to be an error on part of the Income Tax Portal. You can try one of these solutions:

  1. Check whether bank details have been correctly entered in the ITR
  2. Raise a new grievance on the Income Tax Portal
  3. Seek help by using the option to chat on the Income Tax Portal
  4. Try adding the same bank account once again
  5. File a Revised Return u/s 139(5) with correct or different Bank account details, e-verify the same and wait for the refund

Use track your ITR refund tool to know you the status of your ITR refund.

He has already checked/tried (1), (2-twice), (3-called them multiple times).

For (5), ITR is successfully processed, so can he still do that?

One thing left to try is (4).

Thanks a lot for suggestions.

Yes. Revised Return can be filed even if the original return is processed. You can file a Revised Return with correct bank details. Before that, you can try adding the same bank account again

NAP, has your problem been resolved? I am facing the same problem.please guide me

Yes it is resolved.

I had to raise multiple complaints on efiling portal, and also called CPC support multiple times.

Based on responses they gave then, I guess the problem was on their new system of verifying bank account for the refunds. The support people did not have any clue on exact nature of the problem, and they kept on saying it will be resolved in 3-4 weeks.