Income tax refund failed as PAN name and bank account name are different

Hi All,

My income tax refund has failed. I have received an email as such. The issue is that my bank account name is under aadhar which has a middle name while the pan card name has initial and the ITD has no middle name.

Should I raise refund re-issue request or should I change my name first with NSDL/UTISL and then request a refund issue request ?

Hello @raoawesome ,

Okay simple solution is that you should update your pan name as per your correct document as well as bank account. Then after rectifying all this you should proceed for re-issue of refund. It will be convenient for now and then.

Even my family member got it.

Login to IT portal and go to bank accounts. Click re-validate Bank a.c and it will take some hours or a day.

This is some kind of funny issue, dont go break your head changing name unnecessarily.
In the first failure, it was said PAN not linked to Bank a/c and same a/c has both PAN/Adhar linked. Last years refund was also rec’d properly.

Then it will take a week, before the re-issue will even allow you to place a request. Usually there is one re-issue attempt automatically.

Contact Income Tax Helpline and tell your issue to them. Then do as they say.

How long does this take , actually my bank was already showing pre validated

it took a day for that persons re-validation. After that, still waiting for re-issue to open up.
Enable EVC and nominate for refund

Earlier it was only validated. After revalidation, there are 3 green ticks for validation, mobile and email plus EVC enabled. This seemed to do the work.

Change your name with IT Dept. Nowdays it gets done within a week if done through aadhar e-verification, and then proceed for refund reissue.

I did revalidation, I have 3 ticks along with evc enabled. Now in the refund reissue tab , I am unable to raise a refund reissue request. I am not able to see my return

As i wrote, it takes some time. They do another attempt. so maybe a week or so to wait.
In the email you got from cpc, see how you can check refund status on tin-nsdl

Yeah spoke to them via contact us. They said no need to change pan name or ITD name. They have some glitch and said 48hours later a refund reissue request can be made. Currently there are some glitches it seems

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Yeah it seems like we need to call to central processing team(file & CPC). We need to update our contact details in portal first because when we call at first time somehow in IVR it doesn’t give us option to speak to customer care. I updated the contact details in portal and then called that number

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How long did this take ?

First I called them. They said there is a glitch in the portal hence you are not able to raise refund reissue request. Wait for 48 hours.

After 1 week no change, I called them again. This time they are saying there is a glitch in the portal because of that I am unable to raise refund Re-issue request. They said wait for another 15 days.

Be patient, i know there are many ppl like you who do the follow up on my behalf too :smiley:

I know they will eventually fix it.
I just checked in the IT portal, unable to raise refund reissue.

well well. After 30 days, I finally received my refund. Seems like we don’t have to change our names like you said. Well many thanks for your help

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Today in that IT a/c the re-issue option is enabled so I have also applied for refund re-issue.

I also received my refund yesterday whereas my ITR was processed on 30 July. Looks like the e started issuing all refunds now only.

For ITR-1 refunds are being done on the same day of filing returns. For other forms there is some delay.

Yeah my father, mother and sister filed ITR 1. Their ITR was processed within minutes of e-verify and refund received within a week
While in my case it was ITR 2. It took a month for processing after e-verification and another month to receive refund.

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I applied for reissue on 9th August still havent got the refund.

Those who have refund related issue need to make sure that their Bank Account is validated and has the same contact number details.

I have observed in many of the cases there is discrepancy in the details in Income Tax Website and Bank Account.

A bank account has be in Added Bank Accounts section and not failed section to get refund. In some cases refunds are coming even if the accounts of other persons have been used but it definitely doesn’t works for the majority.