income tax return

Hi, I am an NRi, filed income tax returns in India, I buy stocks in India.
Question is I have filed my taxes in July end, received email from IT dept saying ‘you have a refund for AY 2022-23’ on August 11th. How many days usually it takes to get the refund.

Thank you

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Once ITR is processed then refund will be processed out between 15-60days in general but it can be process earlier or later than this.

Thank you sir

Hello sir I filed my return by July end my refund is processed but not received yet and my last year refund is also not received what should I do
Thank you

You should check this on filed return side on itr website , whether there is some problem regarding this. Might be issue to bank that it is not linked to pan or verification is not done properly on itr website. Or you have closed desired linked bank account in itr filling which to get itr refund if there any.
Also check there if you didnt e-verify the itr application.

Patience , your money is always yours . You should wait , everything is not immediate.

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Ok sir thank you