Income Tax Returns Error

While trying to file my ITR-3 through Income Tax Website, I’m getting this below error.

Part A P&L, Sl. No. 15 Total of credits to profit and loss account (13+14xii) is not equal to the sum of Sl. No. 13+14xii

During the previous year I have Intraday trading and some profits. I have maintained my books of accounts and I don’t need to opt for 44AD (Presumptive Taxation).

I have filled all the necessary schedules applicable to me and also not applicable to me.
But this error is haunting me as I have tried almost everything possible.
If anybody knows the solution to this problem then kindly guide me.

I have tried entering the intraday turnover and profit therein in Part A Trading Account. This didn’t work.
I also tried entering intraday turnover and profit in Part A P & L Account, special column given for No Accounts Case.

During the both the instances I’m getting the error.
I’m not interested to file the Returns from Quicko because Quicko is not displaying some sections under which we can report exempt income.

I also know that a quick solution for the above problem is not mentioning anything in trading account and straight away declaring my Intraday profits in P & L account and then marking it as profit from speculative business in next section named Computation of Income from Business or Profession.
Infact this is what I did previous year but this year I want to file my return with declaring the turnover in intraday but I’m unable to do so because of the above error. Simply said IT portal is not taking the profit from Trading Account to final profit and loss figure.

In this case, it might not work but try using their ITR utility using json.
Also, some folks skip the trading account, and in PnL section, they provide the total Buy amount in the Debit section and the total sell amount in the credit section, therefore declaring their turnover indirectly( Idk if it’s the correct way or not).

I am also stuck in a similar situation but for me, it is showing an error but the error has no description and suggestion neither it is clickable and I am completely stuck as I don’t even know what is the error.

@Quicko any inputs on this?

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The reason I want to mention turnover is to avoid any IT notices. Now a days IT department is gathering data from multiple sources and stock trading data is handily available with them.

Previous year it took around 3 months for my ITR-3 to be processed, I don’t know why.

I’m thorough with other things if I can help you feel free to ask.

This was pretty common last year, mine was over that. Some like CA with stats can tell you more but most of those i know had it there.

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Hey @GoutamHebbar,

Without the complete information we won’t be able to help you with the error you are facing. ITD would be the correct authority to help you out, hence you can raise a grievance on the portal and brief them about the query.

Hope this helps!

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