Incorrect stock pricing in PI/Kite and NSE website

Even after the market is closed, PI has price1, Kite has price2 and NSE has price3

HaOwow is that

Could you list out the stock and these 3 prices? Will clarify it to you.


Just taken and posted.

Someone can log in into kite & check NSE price for SMPL.
Final price is settled by 4 p.m as shown on nse.

I did that exactly, the numbers shown in the picture, are still there in PI & Kite as of 19.06 PM

So the settled price is not updated in zerodha. SHOCKING.

@nithin Please have a look.


Not only this… the upper limit and lower limit is also not updated!


Check the Close price on NSE, you can see that it shows 1.60 itself. 1.65 looks like the adjusted closing price. Kite won’t capture that as it is declared after market close. But doesn’t matter, because the next trading day it will start from adjusted closing price.

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How about the PI entry? I logged in freshly but PI still shows 1.62 ? that is not a closing or adjusted price. Also see the high & low.

You are viewing SMPL in BSE on Pi. It closed at 1.62 in BSE.

BSE link