India Bulls Real Estate Future 29th Jun - Banned?

Dear Zerodha

Today 20th June 2017, I was trying to trade India Bulls Real Estate Future 29th June via Kite Mobile app.

Instantly I got message​ saying this sript is banned for trade( error screenshot is attached).

However when I NSE website shows the trading for the trading activities for the day.

I am not able to comprehend the issue here.

Could you please explain me the reason ?

Guru M

Got this of the nse website, seems like indiabulls real estate is banned.
The trading activity must have been from the contracts which were bought or sold before the ban and traders are now squaring off their positions.

Link -
select ‘Security in ban period’

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You were trying short it. Shorting is not allowed for banned stocks. However you can buy it.

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Got it, thank you for your answer.

I didn’t know that. Thank you!