India is just 2.7% of the world stock market capitalization vs the US which is 39.8%

Just came across this data which shows the market cap of individual countries as a % of the world stock market cap. The insights here are just fascinating.

India is 2.72% of the world stock market cap vs 1.81% ten years ago.
Surprisingly, Hong Kong is 6.75%.
China’s growth is also impressive. The fall from the Nov 16, 2016 peak is due to the sharp correction the Chinese stock markets are going through.



What insights do you get from this data?

i may be wrong but india is no 1 in index options derivatives

this coupled with tells me that Indians hate cash market and love derivatives!

What mistakes developed nation’s investors did somewhat 15 years back we are doing it now. Nevertheless we will learn a hard lesson in coming years.

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