Indian ADRs vs Indian Stocks

As far as I know, there are very handful of Indian scrips which are listed in US through Depository receipt mode
ICICI, Infosys, HDFC, Tata and may b Wipro (not sure)
I am curious in knowing that who is the primary driver eg. ADR drives the Indian scrip or vice versa
If I consider today’s eg of ICICI Bank, then today it closed at 321.5 at NSE
but at US stock exchange its trading at $9.74 and as far as I know its 2XIndian Value which make 1 ICICI ADR
taking USD to INR as 64.5 its value would be 9.74X64.5 / 2 = 314.4

Screenshots attached for the same
Indian Value:

ADR value:

So my query is …
Does it mean that ICICI shall fall by Rs. 7 tomorrow ??

$ price multiplied by the ADR price is not really equal to the Indian stock price. ADR’s are usually in premium as the free float is much lesser than the corresponding Indian stock. (stock held by public). But that said on days when there is news, the % change in ADR could be an indication on how the market will open next day in India.

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Its depends on which news drives the stock. If driving news comes on US Market time then the next day Our market will follow. If News comes on Indian market time the ADR will follow.

Example for Indian listed stocks follows ADR: Indian IT company got a big order from US and the news has been released at Midnight then ADR suddenly spurt up, the next day morning Our market reflects this.
2. US banned a drug by Indian company,the news released on midnight then ADR will go down . so as Indian listed stock on the next morning.

Example for ADR follows Indian Listed Stock:
1.IT company releases Q results @ MId day here,which is way above estimates, this will reflect in ADR when US market opens.