Indian Consumption Story - Taking a pause or is there change in preference?

The common man’s footwear relaxo’s results were a washout considering peak festive season. Numbers are really flat. Margins are down by almost 50% at 8.9% from 16.4% . With inflation in footwear in double digits, it actually means that there might be a possible volume de-growth.

Not sure - if this is a company specific issue or a common trend happening across the board - but the numbers don’t look that encouraging. maybe consumers are preferring costlier brands or they is a slowdown which is slowly creeping in various sector due to inflation.

If you are an investor, one quarter’s results both exciting or dull does not matter. If you are a technical trader, you don’t have to worry about the business, all you need is price direction. If you are a trader who takes big positions depending on both fundamentals and technical setups, then you have to read about the business.

Nothing surprising, so to speak.