Indian Traders Trading at Night/ Early Morning >>>


How can Indian Traders trade at Night (after 8 PM IST) or Early Morning (5 AM IST) ?
Which International Markets allow Indian Traders to trade? >>> Canadian/Japanese etc.

I want to do this since I have a job and cannot monitor my trades live during the day.


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A domestic alternative would be to look at commodity exchange MCX which trades till 11.30 pm. Globally commodity market is 3x equity market roughly. Domestically we may reach there in coming years. SEBI cleared FPI participation in MCX commodity derivatives lately and this surely is a booster shot for liquidity at MCX.

Also you could automate strategies so that you don’t have to keep watching the screen to trade. That is another option you have.


How is the risk to reward compared to stocks or FnO?

Just a random question. How good is selling options in mcx. Is there enough liquidity in OTMs ?

So basically you want to do job during the day and trade during night. When will you sleep?

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Depends on your strategy. Unlike equity there are no managements, cash flow, balance sheet etc to analyse.

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Would traders make money or lose money in commodities market, generally speaking?

I think they say that many lose in FnO, so what happens with commodities, generally?

Option premiums are really high to eat away. Margins are less relative to equity market. But liquidity is a problem. Only selected strikes at certain intervals have liqudity. See this example on crude oil - the strikes with long horizontal bars shown is where we have liqudity with fairly tight bid - ask spread.


CL and NG options have adequate liquidity. Margin requirements are quite high though - around 30-35% for oil.

See the traded volumes close to ATM very low. One may get away with negligible slippage with low quantities if strikes are chosen properly. Also margins relative to total contract value is much lower than something like Nifty or Bank Nifty.


The opposite, right?

The liquidity in options after a contract roll is low but picks up a few days later.

Nope. for e.g Nifty derivative margin requirement varies around 12-15%. Commodities max is 5%.

Only selected strikes if one is looking for low bid - ask spread.

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Not really. Crude Oil has about 30-35% margin requirements.

The 5% is usually just in bullion, I think.

You were right. I was wrong on the margin numbers. My knowledge bank needed an update :sweat_smile:





Well the stats should remain the same whether you are in commodity market or equity market. Boils down to the individual, his / her strategy.

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OK, then if we compare trading, which is more volatile, crude or gold?

Crude oil

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I think you should try to make time during the day, even if it’s for a few hours. Rather than stressing out your mind by working in the day and trading at night, you need a break to relax. Consider your options and take a call.