India's NSE IFSC to introduce trading in US stocks

You can soon buy Google, Apple shares on NSE IFSC.

NSE International Exchange NSE IFSC on Monday said it has set up infrastructure for Indian investors to buy US stocks and broker registration is under way.

Currently, Indian investors buy US stocks through designated online brokers who have the permission from US and Indian regulators.


NSE is starting to feel the heat of Crypto currency trading.

High leverage, no transaction tax and 24X7 markets. But i m not sure this IFSC things can work. They can not compete with like of binance or coinbase or kraken in terms of platform, leverage and cost


The article on Moneycontrol mentioned, one has to have demat account in GIFT City.
So our existing Demats won’t work?!
It is a little confusing :sweat_smile:

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are bhai log if this exchange allows risk based option strategy maza aajaega like for credit spread pay only max risk this exchange will not come under SEBI it is under IFSC

@nithin any chances zerodha would be able to allow us to put money via ifsc?
Any idea if we can only trade in stocks or also invest as there RBI restricts leverage.

This is something we are looking at. Since IFSC is regulated by Indian Govt, it also covers for any potential regulatory issues of allowing our customers to invest in international stocks.

Is there any update from NSE on this IFSC route for US stocks?

@nithin , is Zerodha waiting on NSE or you could find any other low-cost alternatives?

We are waiting on NSE. For now, this also seems to be regulatorily the best route to take.

India INX have also mentioned about providing platform for trading options in various countries for their members. Does that mean rbi provisions won’t affect prop desks setting up there?

If you are a company based out of GIFT IFSC and not within India, maybe the restrictions don’t apply. @somnath248 maybe we can have this checked.

Hi Prakhar,

Just confirmed with INX, if you are a trading member/investor located at GIFT-IFSC, or a NRI, trading options will be permitted.

Trading options for resident Indians via LRS is not permitted. Furthermore, products such as leveraged ETFs such as 2x/3x equity based ETFs are also not permitted by INX.