India's own Peter Lynch


Jain has been one of the most successful fund managers in India, it is said that he has cult like following. But I wouldn’t call him Lynch of India, because Lynch has far greater influence on retail investors, from all over the world, for decades. People still quote what Lynch has said decades ago. I guess even Jain would say Lynch influenced him.

One thing Indian investors lack is the application of concepts in Indian market, except for a couple of books for Indian market, all books are written for mostly for the US market, US examples are given, so many people look for Indian examples in the Indian market. So I wish all these big fund managers with long experience write investing books and explain the concepts of investing with Indian examples.

They keep on giving interviews on business channels/newspaper. They may start writing books also after retirement just like some retired bureaucrats do.

Of course they give interviews, such interviews are no match for a book, but a book is different. A book has a theme, focus, direction, scope etc. It is always wonderful to read such a book, Lynch did that with his 2 famous books, he provided a perspective, he gave actionable ideas, so people still read them even after decades.

Now that we have good participation from the retail in the market, it is time we get such books starting from the implementation of economic reforms to algo trading.