Indicators, Stochastic RSI

Hello. I wish to duplicate these settings in Streak. I am unable to locate the correct Stochastic RSI Indicator. Please guide. Thanks.

@Streak can you.

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Hi @Girish_Savant,

Although Streak supports Stochastic RSI, it does not allow currently to input a separate length for Stochastics and RSI lines. The period that you enter is common for both lines.

So here is the length of Stochastics and RSI is both 14.

Unfortunately, you cannot add StochasticsRSI (7,35,4,2) in Streak currently. But I have taken a note of this and shall pass it on.

Thanks for the reply.

Indicators change prices due to the trades. Is there a way to fix their prices and use that price in Streak algo?

Can you elaborate?

For Ex. If NF 50D SMA for today is 18100 in the morning, but during the day the MA price may move to 18124 or 18086. How to set it permanently at 18100 for the day.


Streak will only check for the condition after the candle closes. So if you are using a 1 day timeframe and you have created a condition using 50 SMA, it will be checked when the 1-day candle closes and not on an LTP basis. You do have the option of using a MTF to using a smaller timeframe to get updates during the day. But, if you are using a smaller timeframe the SMA level will change as the price changes through the day and cannot be marked to a time. This is currently not available.