Indore scam calls

Now a days I am getting too many calls from Indore, saying that they provide tips. I hope other traders too. I wonder how do they get the mobile numbers?

I also suffered this. Someone told me that these tips guys have some ways to get the contact numbers from broker offices etc. Although I am not 100 % sure about this.

same here, after i hit a big loss on option i started getting calls. looks like brokers sells database of traders who hit loss to these people.

It might be true, I have never received any such calls till now

Though I dont make profits, but my losses are minimal

But I know very good traders who are friends and none of them received such calls, they usually make consistent profits

Hey @9somaraju

Check out this post - and


yes, even i was getting several ones but truecaller now blocks them all. i hear that zerodha guys had sold customer nos to these fraud guys from indore/ahmedabad/bangalore…

Stop accusing zerodha.

I got a new sim. Zerodha doesn’t know that. I registered that number with economic times website. But chose the option to not receive calls. Still yesterday I received a call from Indore.

They told they get the number from the website.

Tell them that you don’t do stock markets .tell them you do only mutual fund. They will not disturb you.

If you still not believe me then get a new sim. Do not share with anyone. Use that sim on financial website. Wait for them to call
I use that number for all purchases . Now dys pharmacy supermarket want Mobile.

Eg pharmacy sends me mediclaim sms.
Shopping eats send me offers.

Just use a sim . But don’t use that sim for bank or mf or zerodha etc.