Infosys buy back is not showing in corporate actions console

Infosys buyback is not showing in coroporate actions … where can i find it ?

The Infosys Buyback is an open-market buyback.

In Open Market Buyback, you cannot tender shares to the company, this can be only done if it is Tender Offer Buyback.

In Open Market Buyback the company will be actively buying shares from the market on exchange platform.

This post explains the difference between Tender Offer and Open Market Buybacks:

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@ShubhS9 Thanks for kind response …it helped me in learning there are two types of buybacks …

Tender I understood completely , but in open buyback say in this live example ,
since Infosys said 1750 is the buyback price whereas stock is trading @ 1550-1570 range

How to make sure I want to sell at 1750 to infosys ? shall i just put the limit sell order @1750 and leave it ? but in this, everyday i need to put the order till the offer ending date. Any suggestions please

There’s nothing much you can do, if the price isn’t trading at 1750, you cannot sell the shares at that price.

As in open market buyback, company actively buys shares in the market, they will do so at the prevailing market price only. Also, 1750 is ceiling for them, they can only buy shares at price lower than 1750, if the price is higher than that, they cannot.

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