Infosys #infy review


How market react tomorrow based on result? Up or down? Possible percentages… expert give ur opinions


30% down … lower circuit


Interesting no business news are factoring in the ADR fall happened on friday. So Probably open gap up, then slide down.


But the money control is saying like this…Infosys likely to open flat on Monday; experts see up to 11% upside
Most analysts remains mixed about their outlook on the stock after the company’s Q4 results, but see an upside of up to 6-11 percent from the current levels.


Hm…kk…let c…


As infy results did not beat mkt expectations greatly , it’s likely to open gap down around 1100 and after that f&o setup will take over.
Before results lot of premium was factored in the price hence profit taking likely to set in.Same old story after results wl get repeated.


Gapped down 1102 , kudos @subhu. View for today?


On friday itself infy ADR is down by 7%.


gap down in any stock / index kills the trading opportunity for that day. That’s the sad part of it .


INFY is moving around 1130 so Is this right time to invest in hope some recovery (1175-1200) in coming days?


Never invest money in any stock on hope.Coming back to infy it would be better to wait till TCS results come out .


Tata group will be completing 150 years of establishment and also TCS will be celebrating 50th year anniversary this year, hence many are expecting big bonus to shareholders and stakeholders.


Actually I have TCS and Infy both in my portfolio. I just wanted to reduce its avg purchasing cost. For Infy its strong data sheet and previous performance shows strong support for 1200 level. Isnt it?