ingle trade a day (streak)

I really need one help that I am missing.

I want to have single trade a day not more than once.


Streak bought one stock and sold it after 3% profit. but after that I don’t want to enter again, as current logic is making multiple trades in a day.

How to avoid it?

You have to set the Strategy cycle as 1 for this.

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thanks a lot for the reply.

still one question.

please add this option in backtest as I am getting wrong overall results.

also how I can know the bought price?

also is it possible sell whatever is the price at specific time.

Strategy cycle in backtest will be added in the future. It is in our roadmap.

In Backtest the Entry price in mentioned in the backtest results

Of course, you can use Nth Candle for this. Time based trigger works the same way for Entry and Exit.

You can write to support@strek,tech if you have a specific strategy query.