Initial public offering 1

Suppose I buy the initial public offering through internet banking by the account which has not been linked to my demat account .
Eg : suppose i use HDFC Bank account to buy buy the shares but the account linked with demat is Axis Bank.

  1. Will I be able to buy the ipo shares?
  2. Will this new account also be linked , that is demat account?

To apply for IPO, the bank account doesn’t necessarily have to be linked to your trading account, just that the bank account should be in your name. During allotment RTA will do validation of your PAN with Demat and Bank account, in case of mismatch your application will be rejected.

No, this won’t be linked to your trading account.

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No issue at all… I have my demat linked account is Cosmos bank but since cosmos bank is not ASBA compliance , i am using my Canara bank account to apply for IPO and Rights issue.

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if the shares are allocated where will it be deposited since i have bought using the bank account which not linked to my trading account?

When you apply for IPO, you have to mention the Demat account, when you are alloted shares, these will be credited to your Demat account.

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In kite in the fund section, if i have necessary amount can i apply for ipo. Or the fund has to be in bank ?

To apply for IPO, funds should be in your bank account.

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When applying through NetBanking(ASBA) what should be filled in for applicant name (name as in trading account or as in banking account).

Can i apply for ipo using the upi id directly in kite of the bank which has not been linked to my trading account? Eg : hdfc is linked to my trading account can i buy using upi id of my axis bank account (which is not linked to trading account).

nsdl and cdsl who is my depository? @ShubhS9

why is PowerGrid infrastructure InvIT is listed as PGIVIT-IV on NSE and what does -IV means , because on BSE it is listed as PGIVIT why this difference? @ShubhS9

On NSE the units of InvIT’s are listed under “IV” series, hence IV at the end. You can learn more on this here.

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@ShubhS9 @Prayag

why is it listed as Units not equities can you please elaborate. I understand units with with respect to mutual fund why on investment trust to make things confusing its not listed in units in BSE.

In the circular (NSE/CMTR/34877) in which the InvIT specific series was introduced, it was mentioned that the IV series is an EQ series equivalent -

i Rolling settlement with series as IV (EQ equivalent)
Series ii. Trade for Trade with series as ID (BE equivalent)
iii. Institutional segment with series as IA (IL equivalent)

I think a separate series might have been created so that it is easier for NSE to summarize data related to transactions occurring in the InvIT series. One example that I could find is in the NSE’s Market Pulse magazine (Page 103) which shows data from various series -


Thank you @Prayag

I don’t see Glenn mark life science ipo ,29 is the last date , Please share the link. @siva @Prayag

You can apply for IPO from Console here. The IPO window is now closed, so you won’t be able to apply.

Ipo was supposed to be open till 4:30 right on 29th right? I couldn’t see it.