Inox wind energy -inox wind MERGER

10 Inox wind energy costing 55500 rs will be 158 Inox wind worth 80200 as per present market price.
Merger was announced by board in June 2023 and as per my experience 6-8 months more it should take as still e voting of both co’s shareholders is required BUT even than such huge spread appear somewhat exciting .
Inox wind energy is in T group .
YES possibility of more time taking process and withdrawal by management /rejection of merger by any 1 co shareholder is there but this rare risk is always there is every merger.

Informed views will be highly appreciated.

INOX wind energy is in ASM 4 LT …what is next step as per rule by sebi . will trading get restricted at any stage ?
please guide . @ShubhS9 @Meher_Smaran