Inside Candle BAR strategy

Hello @Krishnendu, @Streak,

I wish to take a trade on the basis of the inside candle. Unfortunately, multiple time frame is not supported in Streak till date. But I wish to take the trade on 1 min on a break out of an inside candle in 15 min chart.

  • Is this possible?

I tried the same using the below rule:
SELL 3000 shares when low crosses below Prev N(Low,-1,15min) and Prev N(High,-1,15min) lower than Prev N(High,-2,15min) and Prev N(Low,-1,15min) higher than Prev N(Low,-2,15min). Enter trade between 09:15 to 15:30

But it did not work our correctly. Please help !!

Hi @bubunis,

The condition that you have mentioned is correct. However, you can use lower than comparator instead of crosses below.