Instant Fund Withdrawal and Equity-Commodity Funds

Will there be a provision of Instant Fund withdrawal (e.g., 80%) anytime soon? It becomes really helpful to spend the profits asap after a good day!

Also, I know it must be in your timeline but I hope the merger of Equity and Commodity fund will happen soon.

I just wanna stick to Zerodha and these 2 features are needed to us traders currently!

Delayed gratification will help you a lot. Just think for a minute.

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Yes! That’s true :blush:

Intraday profits or proceeds received from selling shares can only be withdrawn once settled. The settlement happens on T+1 day.

Also, we’re working on instant withdrawals. Will keep you posted :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome! Will wait for it! Thanks @ShubhS9 :blush: