Intellect Design arena

Can learned members explain the future prospects of Intellect Design Arena share?

There is not much of information available on websites on this company, however, I have heard of this company name a while ago from another trader friend of mine. It would be very much helpful for yourself to do some leg-work, check and dig some inside data on this company, read the annual reports - and maybe you will be hitting a potential multi-bagger. I can’t affirm anything as I don’t have any first-hand information on this but, this caught my attention. The Promoter’s stake has increased.

Although our great Rakesh Jhunjhunwala seems to have lost trust in the company :smiley: Polaris is accumulating the stock for some reason for more than 2 years now.

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I am grateful for the insights you have offered me.

Intellect Design has run its course !!!

@Sumal_Surendranath Did you buy INTELLECT? [I was just checking the chart today, after a huge green candle]

Yes, I did. I had bought for Rs127/-

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