Interaday bank nifty options selling one call and put opening price


Can any body help me,
I prefer and normally i do interaday sell one call and sell one put of same opening price at 9.16 and got some times
profit or some times loss at 3.15 pm

can any body suggest me on this case at which price i should be fix stop loss and what will be the maximum loss

possible in this case at 3.15 pm on one lot if i get apprx 300-400 premium for both the calls , means normally

i expect at 3.15 pm it should come with a discount of premium either 5-50 rs but i want to get whant can be my\

maximum loss at if market closes 200-300 less or high or 300-400 less or high or 400-500 less or high or 100-200 less or high

I appreciate if some body helps me replying

I am doing it from last 90 days but 50-60 percent i get profit 30-40 percent i got sl hit but confussed where to put
stop loss or should i wait for 3.15 or t1 or sl should be there or what is the best time to enter 9.15 9.16 or later on

Thanks & Regards