Interest charges levied on last 2 days of expiry week - can someone suggest an alternate broker who doesn't charge the same

My account ends up in negative balance because of enhanced margin requirements (physical delivery) during last 2 days of the month. For past few months, the total interest charge has been higher than the Zerodha brokerage charge.

It is a not a big deal in the larger scheme of things, but even 5,000 rupees a month is 60,000 a year. While Zerodha may be justified in levying charges as suitable to them, I want to find a broker who won’t charge me additional interest in case the account goes into negative balance (only on last 2 days of the month).

Can someone please advice on any other reliable platform with no interest charges in case of negative balance.

Thanks and Regards,

Every broker will have some sort of charge in place when your account results in negative balance as it is the broker who is fulfilling your obligations in such scenario. Best to have adequate funds in your account.