Interest is charged on any outstanding payment, however, if there is balance cash in the a/c, interest is not given on it

Yes that is how it is with every brokerage firm in India (around the world as well). When you have a debit balance, exchanges will take money from the broker. They won’t wait for the client to transfer funds. Hence broker has to make good of that money, and hence charges interest on debit balances.

Completely aligned on interest charges for debit balances. However, if credit balances are maintained, then if the customer is provided some benefit, they would keep some credit balance. This would also reduce any borrowings for external funds at your end, reduce transaction charges, reduce time & workload for zerodha. For e.g. If a customer has idle funds, they will initiate a transfer to bank a/c which leads to atleast one transaction on either end.
Zerodha has been a trendsetter in the brokerage space, hence, you can create a new benchmark/ trend in this space with respect to credit balances.


I fully agree, what vivek said. ICICI direct is paying interest similar to what they are paying in ICICI bank account.
Hence, zerodha should pay the interest on idle amount, what is avialble in zerodha account in advance.


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