Intimation for ITR not received

Received the sms from IT department that ITR has been processed but no intimation Email received even in spam folder. When logged into Income Tax website it’s showing 'Under Processing '. What to do now?

No need to worry and intimation can be donwload using itr website > login it> e-file > income tax return > view filed return and here you can Intimation u/s 143(1) on filed return.

Hope this will help you. :heart:

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Thanks. Got the mail few minutes back. So no need to download from portal.

Btw, you had filled ITR 3 right? How much time did it take for you to receive the intimation?

Not ITR 3. It was ITR 2.
I e-verified on 30 June and got SMS for processing yesterday morning. But the Email was received today
Still awaiting for refund to be credited to bank.

For ITR-1 average time is 10day so far but reset of itr its average of 20day and could be more incase where calculation has to be done more by AO.

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These days they’re processing ITR 1 instantly if you accept as it is what’s given in your AIS. My father, mother and sister filed ITR 1 and got message of processing within minutes of e-verification. I think @Jason_Castelino can guide us better on this. Being a CA, he must be filing returns for his clients.

There is no fixed time period.
There is one return which I filed at 1PM and it was processed at 4PM. This is the quickest I have seen.
Then there is a case where return was processed and refund also was credited in 15 days.

Then there are cases where return is filed before a month and still not processed. This is the first year where returns are processed so quickly. So I am not sure on what basis returns are processed.


Things are automated man , i filled yesterday and today it calculated me refund ( i paid extra) . Its super awesome to see ITRs are processed so quickly !!


Yeah especially with ITR 1

Yeah. It feels so good. Otherwise client keeps calling even after 5 months asking when will he get refund.
My ITR for AY 2021-22 was processed in May 2022. So it took so much time.

Yes. These are getting processed fast.

Am not sure on this yet. Because if it was automated then all the returns should have been processed quickly. That’s not the case. There must be some condition for auto processing. Like ITR 1 if it matches exactly with AIS then auto process or something.

Right , there should be some auto- approvals or some flagging system or intelligent methodology( checks and balances) must be inplaced to process the ITR, its fresh in my mind now what i have filled but if some one asks me after 1 or 6months it would be very hectic for me to explain as i have to go through so many documents again.

Also , this is the first time i remember ITR deadline is not extended!!

I am glad it isn’t. Our institute didn’t even make a representation to CBDT asking for extension.

What about Quicko users. They started very late this year.

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May be they should have gone to their local area CA :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Are you saying you got your refund in bank account ?

No ,not in bank yet. Its just the return processed email saying i have refund.Refund was from the interest amount(interest for not paying advance tax)which i paid extra.