Intra day and shareholdings SEBI rules

I have an advanced question on intra day trading.

There is a fourteen percent trigger price before someone has to make an open offer in a particular company for additional 15-25 %.

Now for something mildly related, though not entirely.

If a person owns lets say 1 percent or 5 percent or 10 percent of any company does a person than lose the right to continue placing intraday trades?

If I own lets say 100 shares of SBI or MARUTI I wouldn’t loose that right but if it’s a significant number such as ten lakh or one crore shares than do you lose the right to day trade?

Does anyone know the SEBI rules? I haven’t been able to find the answer anywhere. I’m sure to keep intraday fair they have some type of rules just as for bulk deal block deal or triggering the 14 % to taking over a company.

It’s a really advanced question but let’s hope it’s a helpful question.