Intra day trade -clarification

Dear Sir,

I have entered on line platform of trading memnber with the below mentioned details for intra day trade for placing buy order:
Price 812/-
Trigger price 811.60
quantity 100
order type SL LMT
VALIDITY : Day Bracket order: yes
stoploss 808/-

square off : Rs 835/-

Order executed 810.45

Is it correct excution at tht price when the limit price 812/-

pl clarify

Yes, it was a correct execution. Since your long order was limited to 812, any price below that would be considered a proper execution of a limit trade.

Can we place a stop loss limit order using Bracket order? could you please explain how the bracket order works?

Sure I have replied to a similar question before you could check that out here,

A stop limit would not be congruent with a BO. So It wouldn’t be possible.

Essentially BO works inside a bracket, the stop loss and the take profit.
Assuming you want to buy a stock trading at 500 with a bracket order with a Stop at 2% and Target at 4%,
you place a limit order at
A) 500(meaning you do not want to pay above 500) or
B) 501(meaning you do not want to pay above 501)
then you enter the relevant stop at 2% and target at 4% and that’s about it. If the price goes beyond 520, your target is achieved and your trade is squared off automatically. If the price goes below 490 your stop is triggered and your trade is squared off automatically. If it doesn’t hit either of those , you will have to square off before 15:20 manually.