Intraday buy sell query

Can I do below.thing for intraday
Sell stock @356 in nse
Buy stock @356 in bse.
High =361 so booked profit in bse and when it comes down again to 358 then book loss in nse.
Profit = 361-358
Total 3 points per share.?
Including bse and nse transaction.

You really should watch this video to understand exactly how the arbitrage process works (and doesn’t work).

-Neha (

I have seen ur video and that is only my query.
I have to buy same company in nse and sell it in nse only but at the same time when share in nse can I sell the share in bse of same company and buy again in bse only.

I want to do intraday trading for same script in bse and nse only difference is when I buy share in nse at the same time I want to sell the share in bse and close both position of same share in different exchange.

The only possible way you could do that is if you know before hand which stocks you would like to trade, have purchased the shares of that stock, and those shares are already in DEMAT account. Then you can do intraday on that stock.

But since it is hard to guess which stocks will give most arbitrage opportunities and also block capital in buying the shares of such companies, arbitrage across exchange is typically only done by HNIs or big brokers. I don’t think any retail trader can afford to have this kind of a setup.


Yes, you can do this. When you close the position, you have to close the appropriate exchange position. Also this should be done in MIS order type.