Intraday charges for 10 trades of same stock?

What are the charges for intraday in same stock for multiple times…charges are calculated at the end of the day ?

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This should help. Charges are calculated at the end of the day, reflects in the contract note.

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Ok thank you…intraday square off charges ?


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so each trade is considered separate order and will be charged 20 Rs. per executed order?
Lets say I bought 1000 shares of gail in 10 different orders/trade of 100 shares each and sold the same way …10 trades of 100 shares …so what will be brokerage charges for that intraday transaction? @siva @Bhuvan

You will be charged according to turnover of per trade (each Buy - Sell order)

Eg. Trade 1: 100 Q’s Buy at 100 and Sell at 110 your turnover will be 21000 so at 0.03% brokerage charged will be Rs. 6.3 plus other taxes and charges.

You can do the math for subsequent traders.

So its not 20 Rs. per executed order?
I know it says 0.03% or 20 Rs. which ever is lower but what if its high price trade? i.e. 20 Rs. will apply ?

If it is high-value order where brokerage charged as per 0.03% rate exceeds Rs. 20 then you will be charged lower i.e Rs. 20.

I think I am not clear…lets say I buy I buy MRF …1000 per order and I place 20 such order and sell them the same day …what will be brokerage ? will it be 20 Rs. per each of 20 order when I buy and 20 Rs. per order when I sell those (if I sell them separately one by one) @siva @mohitmehra

It will be Rs. 20 per order on Buy side and Rs. 20 per order on Sell side.