Intraday Future Stocks

I am Trading in Future stocks Intraday only no holdings(In Zerodha)

I used to trade in MIS (BO or CO order) only !
my Question is Whats margin Required from 1st September for F&O Orders? is that same in MIS CO Order or it will be change?

As of now margin requirements will remain the same, however from December 1st, the leverage you get for trading F&O in MIS will start reducing in phased manner and from September 2021, there will be no leverage offered for trading F&O in MIS, you will require NRML margins. Detailed explanation has been given in this post.

However, currently only change for you is, whatever profit you make you cannot use it on the same day, you will be able to use it only after it’s settled on T+1 day, as F&O settlement cycle is T+1 day.