Intraday in Lovable

On Thursday there is quarterly results of Lovable Lingerie company should I trade intraday in this stock by first buy and then sell. Any opinion??

You have any report how results are? Bad or good?

See, stock behavior is not as per our expectations.
I have seen Company posting good Results but still stock price went Down.
I have also seen Company reported bad results Stock price went up.

If You are new in Intraday Trading I would Suggest not to trade.
But If You are experienced You already know what to do.

And If You really wanna trade. Advice Don’t hold the Position for to Long in Intraday Price will fluctuate. If You enter at good price and profit is coming place a Trailing Stop-loss.

Thanks for the opinion

I’m constantly failing in intraday trading and I want to know what are my mistakes. Can you please let me know how do I analyse stocks for intraday.@Lets_Invest

See, Look at your Question.
You have already made your mind that stock price will go Up.
It’s means you have done this many times.

Without looking at Live price Movement Don’t Made you Mind that stock price will go Up or Down.

I think you enter in trades to early.

In stock market you Have to think in both ways.

Don’t put all your Available balance in single Trade.

Execute Multiple Trades Not more than 2 Trade (new to Intraday) 3 trade (intermediate level)

Say available balance Rs.10000/-

You divided the amount in Two parts and take 2 trade.
Don’t trade in huge quantity.

If Both goes in your way you will book good profit.

If one goes wrong other one will cover the loss.

If Both went wrong Loss will be less as compare to single Trade and try to close Loss making positions.
Don’t hold it for long.

Here Stock selection is important.

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But how do I analyse the stocks based on historical data for Intraday.
Any example
I don’t want extraordinary profit. I want my analysis and thinking go well and I book profit and recover my losses first and then go ahed

For Intraday you dont have to look Back in History. 2 Week Data is sufficient.

For This you will have to stay away from Extra volatile Stocks.

Can you tell the trend for JP Associates for tommorow. I will analyse it on my basis and then will see whether it comes near or not

Long Time Ago I left Trading in This Stock.

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Lol dude!! You didn’t learn anything from this discussion. U want to trade in jaypee only ! :smile:

Thank you buddy for telling me the mistake. Can you give me the name of some stocks in which intraday trading can be analysed which are non - volatile