Intraday MCX buy / sell Code needed to build indicators


I recently moved to Zerdoha, quiet interesting UI really flexible and I am loving it.
Installed Pi and tried to create scripts however i am missing the help PDF that comes with the installation somehow.
So here’s my delima… I am not able to add scripts / alerts to tell me when a particular commodity attains a stage on pricing / technicals aspects.

If someone in the community can help me with the code to pass in the script i would really appreciate it.

Here is what i need help with :wink:

  1. Close above / below 20 EMA
  2. Parabolic SAR Min AF 0.02 Max AF 0.2 (Crossing above the price candle (Sell) and buy once below)
  3. addition to Bullet 2# same theory for Super Trend indicator.
  4. MACD - Singal line crosses above the MACD line (Sell) below is (buy) vice-versa.
  5. RSI - i watch on top of the above.

i need help with 2 scripts to have the above as conditions one to buy and the other to sell signals.
I would appreciate if someone can help or guide me through.

Suggestions are welcome, probably there are more seasoned player in the community who may find the above way of assessment inadequate for intraday. Feel free to suggest. thank you.